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What are AI Ad Copy Generators?

AI ad copy generators are tools or software powered by artificial intelligence that assists in creating advertising copy. Consequently, it utilizes machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to generate persuasive and engaging content for various advertising channels such as social media ads, search engine ads, email campaigns, and more.

AI writers typically work by analyzing large amounts of data, including existing ad campaigns, customer behavior, and industry trends. They learn from this data to generate compelling headlines, body text, calls to action, and other components of ad copy that resonate with target audiences.

These tools often provide a range of templates, options, and customization features to cater to different advertising needs. Significantly, they generate multiple variations of content creation and ad copy based on specific parameters such as target audience, product or service features, data-driven, desired tone, and desired outcomes.

AI ad copy generators aim to streamline the copywriting process, saving time and effort for marketers and advertisers. As a result, AI ad copy generators are helpful for creating high-quality content, marketing campaigns, SEO-optimized content, meta descriptions, and brainstorming for content ideas, especially in digital marketing.

What Should AI Ad Copy Generators Include?

Each tool provides different use cases and you should decide which tool to use according to the kind of generated content you require. The best features in an AI copywriting tool largely depend on what your marketing copy needs are. For instance, if you want to focus on content marketing primarily, you’d want to choose AI ad copy generators with plagiarism detection. 

Here’s a quick list of some of the best features to look for. 

Grammar tools: If you’re a marketer crunched for time, built-in grammar-checking features help you get the job done with fewer errors. 

Plagiarism checker: The last thing you want to do is plagiarize ad copy, content, or product descriptions.

Collaborative features: If you are working with a team, it helps to use AI ad copy generators that eases the collaboration process by allowing you to invite several team members. 

SEO and keyword capabilities: Ensures your content has the best chance of ranking on search engine results pages. 

Built-in marketing templates: Using proven marketing frameworks—like AIDA —helps you create ad copy in half the time. In addition, it is a great way to stave off writer’s block if you’re having trouble getting started. Templates are a convenient feature worth considering. 

What are the Most Preferred AI Ad Copy Generator Tools?

Here is a list of the most used AI-generated ad copy AI models:

  • Jasper AI
  • CopyAI
  • Copysmith
  • MarketMuse
  • Copy Shark
  • Anyword
  • Wordstream
  • Writesonic
  • RYTR

1- Jasper AI Ad Copy Generator

Jasper API makes it easy to create ad copy in record time. When you’re logged in, you simply tell Jasper what you’re writing about and the tone of voice you’re looking for. 

As an AI content writing tool, it’s trained to write compelling copy that reels in your target audience.

For example, if you want to use the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) framework to write ad copy, simply get started by using the PAS template and Jasper will do the rest. It’s a great tool that spans a wide array of copy needs. Thus, Jasper generates copy for Facebook ads, ad headlines, LinkedIn ads, intros, call to action, as well as PPC ad campaign copy.


  • Allows collaboration with other users on your team
  • Its Boss Mode feature lets you use voice commands to dictate specific paragraphs as well as their tone
  • And its Surfer SEO integration makes keyword optimization easy


  • However, it is not a free tool

2- CopyAI AI Ad Copy Generator

CopyAI is a “catch-all” marketing tool that lets you create and edit copy for blog posts, digital ads, social media ads, sales copy, and e-commerce copy. A solid feature of CopyAI is its in-app text editor and it’s easy to use and set up to compare your original text with your revised version. 


  • Its automated creativity makes it a great collaborative writing tool


  • Doesn’t have as many advanced text-generating features as other tools

3- Copysmith AI Ad Copy Generator

Copysmith AI ad generator is built for the e-commerce marketer that wants to take care of product copy in bulk. No more having to generate copies one at a time when you access Copysmith’s bulk copy generator. 

It also offers A/B testing features and the ability to write SEO meta tags. The good thing is you can start writing copy with its free plan before committing to a paid plan with more credits. 


  • Comes with integrations for Shopify, Google Ads, Zapier, and Woocommerce
  • Product descriptions generated are search optimized 


  • Not the most versatile AI copy tool since its focus is mainly on e-commerce

4- MarketMuse AI Ad Copy Generator

If content marketing is your focus then MarketMuse might be a tool worth considering. A strength of MarketMuse is that it thrives off specificity. This is why it’s a favorite for marketing agencies that need a text generator.

Instead of generating copy that often is nonsensical, it lets you write your copy within its editor and gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your writing.


  • Comes with specific keyword density suggestions


  • It can get expensive, especially when compared to competitor tools and what you get for each price point

5- Copy Shark AI Ad Copy Generator

Copy Shark comes with your standard set of AI tools that help you craft ad copy for social media platforms and seller accounts. 

Once you enter your product name and product description, hit the generate button until you land on the best ad copy snippet you want to use.  


  • Comes with a product description generator
  • Also it helps you create sales copy as well as video scripts


  • Basic AI functionality with no advanced personalization or AI training features

6- Anyword AI Ad Copy Generator

Anyword comes with your standard copy creation tools. You get access to predictive analysis features that anticipate the best copy as you write it. It’s built to create copy for all kinds of settings, including social media posts, landing pages, Google, or Pinterest. 


  • Incorporate specific keywords
  • Optimizes headers, sub-heads, and CTA buttons


  • Users have to be more careful about revising for errors

7- Wordstream AI Ad Copy Generator

Wordstream’s clever approach to ad copy scans your website for relevant text and images to create a display ad that converts. While it isn’t the most advanced ad copy generator out there, it helps get you out of writer’s block.


  • Create ad copy for generating leads or conversions


  • Too simple for more complex ad copy needs

8- Writesonic AI Ad Copy Generator

With this AI content generator, the outputs are very close to human content compared to the lower-priced tools in the market.


  • Create great outputs out of the box, and they improve as you improve your skills.


  • Outputs often come out in a passive voice.

9- RYTR AI Ad Copy Generator

There’s a clean UI, and the workflow is straightforward. The keyword research and SERP analysis feature make it much easier to optimize your content.


  • Has the same AIDA and PAS copywriting frameworks as more expensive AI writers


  • The outputs may sound generic and of relatively lower quality.
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